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Foods for Healthy Eyes

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Eyes

Maintaining a well-balanced, healthy diet is key to keeping your eyes healthy, and may help reduce your risk for developing eye conditions.
Don’t take your eyes for granted! These are the top 5 foods for Healthy Eyes.


Oily fish are fish that have oil in their gut and body tissue, so eating them offers higher levels of omega-3 rich fish oil. the fish that contains the most beneficial levels of omega-3s are Salmon and Tuna.

Nuts and Legumes

Nuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nuts like walnuts and cashews also contain a high level of vitamin E, which can protect the eye from age-related damage.


Like nuts and legumes, seeds  (chia and flax seeds) are high in omega-3s and are a rich source of vitamin E.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like lemon and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. Just like vitamin E, vitamin C is an antioxidant that is recommended by the AOA to fight age-related eye damage.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like spinach are rich in both lutein and zeaxanthin and are also a good source of eye-friendly Vitamin C.
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