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What is Keratoconus: Causes, Treatment, Symptoms

What is keratoconus ? Keratoconus or conical cornea is an eye disease or condition in which front of your eye or cornea gets thinner and thinner bulging outward forming a cone shape. This change in shape of cornea results in blurred vision and can also result in more sensitivity to bright lights and glares. Generally

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Mucormycosis in post-COVID Cases

What is mucormycosis? Mucormycosis also commonly referred to as the ‘black fungus’ is a rare but life-threatening fungal infection caused by a group of moulds called mucormycetes. These fungi are present throughout the environment. It most commonly affects the sinuses, brain or the lungs after inhaling fungal spores from the air. How does it spread?                                            

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There are many questions in your mind right now about why we focus on women’s eye health rather than just eye health. Are women more likely to get affected by eye diseases? Are men not at any risk? All your questions will be answered in this article. More than 65% of people affected by visual

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Top 5 Foods for Healthy Eyes

Maintaining a well-balanced, healthy diet is key to keeping your eyes healthy, and may help reduce your risk for developing eye conditions. Don’t take your eyes for granted! These are the top 5 foods for Healthy Eyes. Fish Oily fish are fish that have oil in their gut and body tissue, so eating them offers

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Glaucoma Awareness Month: Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment

Glaucoma is a disorder in which the pressure inside the eye increases beyond the normal limit of 21mmhg causing irreversible damage to the nerve leading to a decrease in vision with eventual blindness. This disease is known to run in families and patients with family history must undergo a regular evaluation with an eye doctor

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Sign & Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy

What happens to an eye with diabetic retinopathy: Here are the Symptoms, Signs, Treatment for the Diabetic Retinopathy by Rushabh Eye Hospital. Symptoms: Initially patient can experience black Spots or strings seen floating in the field of vision (floaters), blurring of vision which is not improving with spectacle use, difficulty in reading,  frequent change in

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All You Need To Know About Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy occurs when diabetes damages the tiny blood vessels in the retina. At this point, most people do not notice any changes in their vision. As November is Diabetes Eye Disease Awareness Month, let us take this opportunity to gain knowledge about Diabetic Retinopathy. Symptoms: Initially patient can experience black Spots or strings seen

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the schools and colleges have remained shut for over five months which has adversely affected the students across the country. Although online sessions are being organized for students to continue their education, increased screen time has put eye health in danger. Along with school supply shopping and purchasing those back-to-school

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While dry eye affects millions of people, it is frequently underdiagnosed. Many dry eye sufferers do not recognize their symptoms are due to dry eye, but early treatment can improve quality of life and decrease progression of severity over time. Symptoms of dry eye will vary from person to person, but may including burning, itching,

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